Visit to Jordan

Recently, in the middle of April, 2012 the member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Klymets P.A. being a member of the official governmental delegation visited The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. During the visit Klymets took part in official meetings with the King of Jordan Abdalla II, with the Prime Minister of the State Aun Al Hasavne and with representatives of the Parliament of Jordan.

Within the frameworks of the visit the special business forum for entrepreneurs fromUkraineandJordanwas organized for discussions of the prospective directions of fruitful bilateral collaboration in such spheres as metallurgy, IT-technologies, water and energy recourses in theterritoryofJordan, alternative energy sources. In the result of the meeting a few concrete steps towards the development of cooperation in these fields were conciliated and fixed in the memorials.

Such measures would contribute towards attraction of theJordaninvestments for implementation of large-scale investment projects inUkraineand towards further intensification of the political dialogue betweenUkraineandJordan, of economic and investment cooperation, broadening of tourist exchange and strengthening of cultural and humanitarian ties.