Charity initiative “Ukraine- the Middle East” continues successfully to attract investors

On 21th of June the visit of representatives of the Middle Eastinvestment funds to the new factory “Bikorm” which is part of the industrial park “Malinovka” situated in Charkiv region took place.

Despite the fact that the factory is going to function only in a month, representatives of foreign companies are interested in making investments into one of the most modern agricultural company inUkraine.

“Bikorm” is the only plant inUkrainewhich has no analogous in the field of deep processing of wheat. The unique technological process which includes nanotechnologies as well allow to extract various products from grain such as gluten, starch, glucose syrup (dekstrinmaltoza, maltodextrin), glucose, dry feed additives, yeast extracts, bran.

“Bikorm” production is used in bakery, confectionery, dairy and meat industries, as well as in medicine, chemistry and engineering. The uniqueness also lies in cleaner and completely closed cycle of water consumption which as a consequence ensures environmental friendliness at all stages of production.

The main product produced by the “Bikorme” – gluten, nowhere else produced in Ukraine, hence mostly is imported from Russia and China. The plant “Bikorm” can produce 2,300 tons of gluten per year. The need of the food industry comes up to 40,000 tons. Nowadays, only about one ton of gluten is imported annually.

Gluten – is a separate form of elastic proteins in wheat. Over the past decade, the use of wheat gluten in the food industry has grown tenfold. The use of gluten allows the bread to be fluffy, which can be stored for months and does not deteriorate. In recognition of farmers themselves, the spread of gluten in bread baking is solely for economic reasons, to make production more profitable.
As a general rule in bakeries add 4-6% to improve the structure of the gluten of bread, and in the manufacture of other types of bakery products such as cookies, muffins, waffles and biscuits – from 20% to 40% gluten. As a part of fillings bakery and confectionery products – up to 50% by weight of gluten flour. In addition, gluten as a preservative widely used in the enrichment finished breakfast cereals that are so fond of our children, long storage in yogurt, in steaks, cutlets, frozen foods intended for further cooking, cheese, crab meat, imitation fish eggs, melted cheese, fish, canned tomatoes, chocolate and chewing gum.
Starch – a food product, a white granular powder under a microscope, insoluble in cold water, hot water swells to form a colloidal solution (starch paste). Starch is deposited in the bulbs, tubers, fruits, berries, and also in the leaves and stems.
Starch is the main part of the major food products: flour – 75-80%, potatoes – 25%. It is also contained in rice, sago, etc. It is easily digested in the gastrointestinal tract. In the gastric tract starch is susceptible to hydrolysis and is converted into glucose which is absorbed by the body.
Starch has no taste. It has excellent property of dissolving in water. Typically we use cold water as in hot clumps are formed that are difficult to grind.
Charity initiative “Ukraine – The Middle East” was established in 2009. The Initiative is aimed at promotion of goods produced by Ukrainian companies, looking for investors in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran) and organization of joint activities: business forums, conferences, etc. The Initiative has two offices – central office in Kiev and representative in Dubai (UAE). Website “Ukraine – Middle East».
Industrial Park “Malinovka” – production agricultural complex built “from scratch”. Location: village, “Malinovka” Chuguev region, Kharkiv district. Total area – 20 hectares. It consists of 4 companies – bottling plant, the factory packaging materials, Malinowski glass factory, the plant complex and deep processing of grain “Bikorm.”