Business Forum “Investments in Agricultural Sector of Ukraine” Dec. 6, 2010 Abu Dhabi, UAE

The main purpose of the event was the mobilization of investment for the development of medium-sized business in the agricultural sector in Ukraine as well as the improvement of the international trade cooperation. In addition, one of the main goals of the organizers was the partnership development between government agencies and business units for further fruitful promotion of Ukrainian producers to the markets in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates were represented by major financial institutions (“Safar Capital “, “VTB Investment”) as well as by those specialized in agricultural direction (“Bassamat Trading”, “Specialist Group”, “Portland Group” and others).

The Deputy Ambassador of Economic Affairs of the Ukrainian Embassy in the UAE Yuri Usov made a welcoming speech. He wished the participants fruitful cooperation and expressed his perfect willingness to support the Ukrainian companies submitting their projects that require additional investments to different areas of Agricultural Sector of Ukraine – crop production, cattle breeding and poultry farming.

Business projects of “Agrofirma Kornatsky”, “Komintern poultry”, the company “UBinvest”, Ukrainian Center of virology and agro-market “Shuvar” drew great interest from the UAE investors, who were pleasantly surprised by the level and competitiveness of the submitted investment proposals.

An informal communication (which is certainly an important factor for making a decision about further partnership) concluded the event. All the participants appreciated the level of both the forum and the business representatives from both sides.