Charity initiative “Ukraine- the Middle East” continues successfully to attract investors

On 21th of June the visit of representatives of the Middle Eastinvestment funds to the new factory “Bikorm” which is part of the industrial park “Malinovka” situated in Charkiv region took place.

Despite the fact that the factory is going to function only in a month, representatives of foreign companies are interested in making investments into one of the most modern agricultural company inUkraine.

“Bikorm” is the only plant inUkrainewhich has no analogous in the field of deep processing of wheat. The unique technological process which includes nanotechnologies as well allow to extract various products from grain such as gluten, starch, glucose syrup (dekstrinmaltoza, maltodextrin), glucose, dry feed additives, yeast extracts, bran.


Visit to Jordan

Recently, in the middle of April, 2012 the member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Klymets P.A. being a member of the official governmental delegation visited The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. During the visit Klymets took part in official meetings with the King of Jordan Abdalla II, with the Prime Minister of the State Aun Al Hasavne and with representatives of the Parliament of Jordan.

Such measures would contribute towards attraction of the Jordan investments for implementation of large-scale investment projects in Ukraine and towards further intensification of the political dialogue between Ukraine and Jordan, of economic and investment cooperation, broadening of tourist exchange and strengthening of cultural and humanitarian ties.


Delegation of the CITIC Construction Company in Ukraine 

In the course of the visit of the Head of China Hu Jintao toUkraineand strengthening Ukrainian-Chinese relations, with the assistance of the Charity initiative ”Ukraine-Middle East” from 21 to 23 June 2011 the delegation of the CITIC Construction Company, headed by Vice-President Chen Syaotszya ( CHEN XIAOJIA) was inUkraine. The main purpose of the visit was to hold meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Infrastructure, KSCA and the State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and Development, People’s Deputy of Ukraine Pavel Klimets, during which the participation of China in the number of common (Ukrainian-China) projects, including the possibility of Chinese investment attracting was concidered.


Seven ways to buy agricultural lands in Ukraine

Although the moratorium was introduced in order to consolidate agricultural lands in the hands of their hosts and, thus, to guarantee the use of this category of lands only for its intended purpose, however, moratorium in fact assisted the prosperity of various schemes, shadowing the land market. As a result both society and state suffer from this process, because unofficially obtained means aredocumented nowhere, taxes aren’t paid in state and local budgets and, therefore, grants aren’t allocated for state programs to support the poor. It should be noted that 80% of the agricultural lands’ market participants evade the moratorium using completely legal methods that can be traced by analyzing the rules of land legislation. 

Ukrainian authorities are continuing negotiations on the major grain supplies in the UAE and the investment in Ukrainian agriculture

In the course of the visit of Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahayan from January, 31 to February, 3 this year in Ukraine there had been a delegation from the UAE led by His Excellency Hussain Jasim Al Novais (chairman of the board «General Holding Corporation»), authorized to continue negotiations on the export of grain and cooperation in agribusiness. The main purpose of the visit was the investment in the Ukrainian agricultural sector, large purchases of agricultural products and assets.

Business meeting on the topic “Investments in the agrarian sector of Ukraine”

On Monday, December, 13 a business meeting in Dubai (UAE) was organized by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the people’s deputies of Ukraine – Klimets P.A.

The purpose of the business meeting was the presentation of projects with significant potential for further expansion, and thus attracts investment capital. In addition, one of the main challenges for the organizers is to develop partnerships of commercial structures and private sector for further fruitful promotion of Ukrainian producers in the Middle East market. Emirates have been reported as major financial institutions – «Safar Capital Investment», «Mergermarkets – Financial Times», «ITP-Media» and specialize in agricultural direction – «Bassamat Trading FZE», «Al Zubidi Group», «House experionce», Majid Al ABBAR (private investor) and others.

Business Forum “Investments in Agricultural Sector of Ukraine” Dec. 6, 2010 Abu Dhabi, UAE

The main purpose of the event was the mobilization of investment for the development of medium-sized business in the agricultural sector in Ukraine as well as the improvement of the international trade cooperation. In addition, one of the main goals of the organizers was the partnership development between government agencies and business units for further fruitful promotion of Ukrainian producers to the markets in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates were represented by major financial institutions (“Safar Capital “, “VTB Investment”) as well as by those specialized in agricultural direction (“Bassamat Trading”, “Specialist Group”, “Portland Group” and others).


The most distinguished guest of the Emirates came to Ukraine

From 25 to 26 November 2010 on the initiative and with the assistance of the Charity initiative “Ukraine – Middle East” there was the director of the Investment Authority Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahayan, younger brother of current UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan, Head Office hereditary Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahayan, a member of the Executive Council (Government) of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in Ukraine.The purposes of the visit were the acquaintance with the new leadership of Ukraine and discussion the possibilities of cooperation between our countries in investment in different areas, giving preference in long-term projects. During the visit, Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahayan, met with President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich, the Minister of Agrarian Policy of Nicholas Prisyajnyuk, Foreign Minister Konstantin Gryshchenko, Fuel and Energy Minister Yuri Boiko, Chairman of the Working Group on National Projects Committee of Economic Reforms, Vladislav Kaskiv, KSCA President Alexander Popov , People’s Deputy Paul Klimets.

Ukraine and Saudi Arabia are entering a new level of cooperation in the agricultural sector – N. Prisyajnyuk

In June 16, 2010 under XXIІ International Agricultural Exhibition “AGRO-2010” in Kiev, there were held negotiations of the first persons in agricultural sector of Ukraine and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The initiator of the meeting was Charity initiative “ Ukraine – Middle East”. The talks were attended by the Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Mykola Prisyajnyuk, MP, founder of the Charity initiative Pavlo Klymets, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Saudi Arabia Dr. Abdullah A. Al-Obeid, and other representatives of the Ministry. According to the results of negotiations, the parties decided to begin systematic work in the field of agriculture, in particular, discussed the possibility of grain exports to Saudi Arabia, as well as the stated intention of creating joint ventures and technology parks in the agricultural sector in Ukraine.

MIRO GROUP is interested in Ukrainian farmers and alternative energy

In order to attract investment in the agricultural sector Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations of the Supreme Council of Ukraine jointly with the Charity initiative “Ukraine – Middle East” met representatives of domestic private agricultural companies with the owner of an international investment fund MIRO Group – Robert Gold.

Chairman of the Committee of AIC Nicholay Prisyajnyuk noted that the priority of the agricultural committee is to expand international ties, including the attraction of investors, not only in the public sector, but also to the private agricultural sector.

Internet conference of Nicholas Usachov: “Investment and Middle Eastern markets for Ukrainian business: truth or deception?”

The Middle East investors are interested in Ukraine, espeially in agriculture. This was stated by Director of Charity initiative “Ukraine – Middle East” Nikolai Usachov during the Internet conference “Investment and Middle Eastern markets for Ukrainian business: truth or deception?” on the portal LІ Also, according to N. Usachov, the export from Ukraine to the Middle East will be spread on such products as grain and oil seeds.

Visit to Ukraine of the representative of ENOC Company

With the support of the Charity initiative “Ukraine – Middle East” in June 2009 the representative of ENOC Company visited Ukraine with a week business meeting. During his stay in Ukraine, he had meetings with major operators in the market of petroleum products, the owners of filling stations and experts. The company plans to enter the market of Ukraine.

Emirates ready to invest billions of dollars to Ukraine

In Dubai (UAE ) on April, 12-13 2009 there was held a closed meeting of a group of Ukrainian businessmen with large investors from the Gulf. The Organizer was Ukrainian company «Prime Capital Group». Ukrainian delegation was invited to the reception to Sheikh HH Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan in his palace in Abu Dhabi, which took place the ceremony of signing bilateral agreements with ministers of Saudi Arabia and the reception of the Army Chief of Pakistan.