Meat cattle-breeding

8000000 USD

“Bilshovyk” Public corp.

Project aim is to start a business operating on the closed cycle basis; an effectively functioning vertically integrated agro-industrial enterprise, specializing on marketable stock-raising and meat processing.

The process starts with cattle raising, slaughter, boning, finished product production, packing, storing, transportation and ends with selling.

Profitability rate – 60%

Availability – 50%

Payback period – 3 years

In house investment share – 50%

The product is mainly intended for regional market, and later on – domestic. Regional distribution network is presented with Amstor, BUM, Objora, Ukraina, Sokol, Alpha-Market; the domestic one – with Ashan, Metro, Caravan, Furshet, ECO-Market, Silpo, Maxi.

Production volume: it is planned to produce 10 tons of meat products per shift.

Price per product unit: average retail product unit price is 45 grn/kg

Sale target: enter into direct contracts with major Ukrainian distribution networks, hold the leading ground in the segment of average and upper prices at the expense of invariably high quality. Dealer network development. Opening of own branches across Ukraine.