MIRO Holding International is an International Fund governing values attracted from private investors all over the world. The sphere of interests of the Fund includes agriculture, forestry, pure energy and water industry. The Fund makes investments into perspective projects in numerous countries of the world. Mainly, its activity if carries out in Great Britain, Spain and currently it works up Poland market. In particular, it is an operator of the wood market (In Tanzania it has 80000 hectares, in Ghana (Africa) – 10500 hectares, in Asia and South America – 150000 hectares).

Four owner of the company have British citizenship. Robert Gold is the proprietor of the international investment fund MIRO Group. The head office of the company is in the UAE (Dubai).

Implementation of one agricultural project takes about 2 years. Each alternative energy project with the capacity of 1 megawatt is financed at about USD 3,3 billion.

MIRO constantly develops its network of industry experts and experienced partners, who estimate the effectiveness of acquisition of assets or making investments.

Nowadays the International Fund MIRO Group is interested in rice growing and grain farming, seeks for counterparts in Ukraine, Moldova, Rumania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other regions of the CIS.