General Holding Corporation (GHC)

General Holding Corporation (GHC) is the UAE’s largest industrial conglomerate and a prime mover in implementing theAbu Dhabi government’s industrial diversification policy. Today the corporation is chaired by H. E. Hussain Jasim Al Nowais.

GHC is an industrial basis creating opportunities for intensifying the cooperation between private and public sectors of Abu-Dhabi. GHC is aimed at strategic cooperation with governmental and non-governmental investors. It makes investments predominantly in capital-intensive lines of industry of the most asked-for goods in local, regional and international markets.

The purpose of the company is to ensure permanent development and promotion of an industrial sector of Abu-Dhabi and in result to optimize industrial holdings of the government.

GHC has broad spectrum of assets. The company is the owner of a number of affiliated undertakings which are characterized by high level of financial growth:

  • Energy services (70% of  of NPCC company shares);
  • Metals and oil industry – GHC’s affiliated company ADBIC owns Emirates Steel Industries;
  • Building materials, GHC owns 50% of Ducab and 51% of ARKAN;
  • Foodstuff industry, GHC owns 52% of Agthia and 100% of Al Foah;
  • Logistics, GHC owns 60% of DAMCO;
  • Leather goods, GHC owns Al Khaznah Tannery.

Each of these companies is the leader in local and regional markets.

Research and creation of new branches of industry is the vital component of GHC.

Apart from creating opportunities for new strategic fields of industry in Abu-Dhabi, GHC promotes the growth of national industrial sector and its contribution to the world economy. The company selects the most highly-qualified professionals who ensure further growth of the business.

GHC is highly interested in expanding the activity of the corporation: it employs experienced specialists, creates favourable investment climate, and facilitates collaboration with potential reliable partners.

The perspective of the company is to become one of the biggest innovative national company and make its huge contribution for the development of the national economy of Abu-Dhabi.