CITIC Group or China International Trust Investment Company is the State-owned investment company of the People’s Republic of China.
It was founded in 1979 with the approval of Den Syaopin.
The establishment became one of the most important symbols of the origin of elements of a market economy in China. Nowadays the Company is the owner of assets in Asia, in the Middle East, in the North and South America including ownership of banks in China and Hong Kong, real estate, media, insurance and energetic companies.
In accordance with the “Fortune” annual rating of the biggest companies in the world, CITIC Group is ranked as 415th from 500. The assets of the company are estimated in USA 239 billion.
Hong Kong is the key region for CITIC, where the largest units of the Group are placed. In 2012 in Hong Kong in the process of the Initial Public Offering CITIC Group plans to place shares with the public to the amount of USD 12 billion, which is to become one of the stages of the strategic development of the company.

CITIC Pacific
A holding company founded in 1990 and which is the main asset of CITIC Group. The headquarters are situated in the CITIC Tower (district Central). The conglomerate has a broad sphere of its interests, namely, production of steel, iron ore output, energy, infrastructure, telecommunications, retailing and logistics, tunnels Eastern Harbour Crossing, Western Harbour Crossing between Hong Kong and Kowloon, development proposals in Shanghai, Yangzhoy and in the Island Hainan. As of March 2011 CITIC Pacific employed more that 30 thousand people, market value of the corporation accounted for USD 9,8 billion.
The main subsidiary companies of CITIC Pacifica are as follows:
Dah Chong Hong (DCH Holdings) – the company was founded in 1949, in 1991-1992 was bought by CITIC Pacific, deals with retailing (is the owner of grocery multistore DCH Food Mart in Hong Kong and Makao), distribution of cars, aviation equipment, cosmetics and food products, service of aerotechnical systems, logistics.
CITIC Pacifica Special Steel – is a company controlling two metallurgical factories in China (till the end of 2010 the output exceeded 8 million tons per year).
CITIC Pacific Mining – is a company focusing on iron ore crop in Australia.
CITIC Telecom International – is an established in 1999 telecommunication asset of CITIC Pacific, from 2007 is listed at a stock exchange.

CITIC Resources
A company founded in Hong Kong in 1997 dealing with oil, gas and metal deliveries. It controls oilfields in Kazakhstan and northeast China (in fact it is forth of the biggest China oil companies after PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC).

CITIC Bank International
It was founded in 1922 in Guangzhou as Ka Wah Hgan Ho, in 1924 Ka Wah Savings Bank was registered in Hong Kong. In 1926 it was renamed into Ka Wah Bank Public Limited Company, in 1949 – into Ka Wah Bank. In 1986 the bank was redeemed by CITIC Group, in 1998 it was renamed into CITIC Ka Wah Bank, in 2002 it became the subsidiary unit of CITIC International Financial Holdings and was amalgamated with the purchased Hongkong Chinese Bank; in 2004 it opened a branch in Shanghai, in 2005 – in Makao, in 2010 it was renamed into CITIC Bank International.

CITIC 21CN Company
Based in Hong Kong a company deals with information technologies and program software.