Construction and work management of a milk cash farm for 2400 head of cattle

43177340 USD


According to the project, it is planned to build a highly efficient milk farm, supplied with new hi-tech equipment, which meets present-day world milk production standards. Yearly milk production volume will amount to 9000 kg of milk per one milker. In the project it is planned to provide own milk cattle reproduction, by the means of heifers growing.

Profitability Index – 21%


1. Land is found, for construction and project implementation purposes (more than 7000 hectares).

2. At the moment milk farm complex construction is being designed, crop rotation tables are being developed, detailed financial plan with an account of all possible risks for the next 10 years is being computed.

Payback period:

Simple project payback period – 4,1 years

Discounted project payback period – 5,6 years

In house investment share – 2 500 000$ USD

Demand for milk in Ukraine is quite high. Prices are constantly growing; processing companies are in a non-stop search for production materials. Production wastelessness is another important factor which makes reprocessing of manure to biogas, ecologically clean plant growing fertilizers also possible.