Ukraine – Middle East Business Center offers you to arrange excursions in Kiev. You can order individual excursion or for the  group, on the car or on  the minibus.

Prices for some excursions are showed below. If you wish we can also organize another excursions and not only in Kiev.

Table with prices for the excursions in Kiev, USD

Excursion name

Price in USD*

Group of 2-3 persons

Group of 4-10 persons

Group of 11-19 persons

Group of 20-30 persons

Group 31-45 persons

 Motor-coach sightseeing tour round Kiev, 3 hours 98 155 170 220 340
 Ancient Kiev  4 hours 189 230 + 5 usd/per 180 + 10 usd/per 255 + 10 usd/per 415 + 10 usd/per
 Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Monastery, 2,5 hours 126 181 130 +4,5 usd/per 185+4,5 usd/per 310 +4, 5 usd/per
 Museum of Folk Architecture, 3 hours 127 232 232 +3,5 usd/per 283 + 3,5 usd/per 432 + 3,5 usd/per
 Along the old Podol street, 3 hours 99 160 180 230 340
 Architectural pearls of Lipki 99 160 180 230 340
 Kiev and religions, 3 hours 105 175 181 235 345
  Joy and tragedy Jews in Kiev”, 3 hours 130 185 210 245 355
 Excursion  “interweaving of 2 cultures Germans in Kiev”, 3 hours 130 185 210 245 355
 Ecologic tour to Chernobil (1 day) after request after request after request after request after request
 Excursion to the ostrich farm 4 hours after request after request after request after request after request
 Kiev in the evening, 2 hours 80 111 155 181 330
 Sofievskiy Park, Uman city (1 day) after request after request after request after request after request
 Kiev – Uman – Odessa -Kiev, (2 days)

after request

*Prices are in dollars showed with advertising purpose on the state on 12.06.11 and can be changed. Please specify prices when you order excursion.

Territory of ancient city (visiting Vladimirskiy Cathedral) Sofievskay Square, Sofievskii castle, monument of Bogdan Hmelnitski, Mihailovski Zlatoverhi cathedral (visiting), monument of duchess Olga.The centre of modern Kiev(Kreshatic street, European square, square of independence, Pechersk, (Square of ame, plant “Arcenal”), Podol (Andreevskay church, Post square, river-boat station, Kontractovay square)

Kiev one of the most ancient cities of Europe – there are more than 200 invaluable monuments of architecture concerning to 10 – to 12 centuries. Not a lot of cities became a cradle of one of world civilizations – slavjano-orthodox. You will begin your excursion with the Old Kiev mountain (Vladimir mountain) where first settlements of Slavs have been based, you will see a copy of the base of Desjatinnoj Church (10 centuries), the oldest Christian church of the Kiev Rus based by Prince Vladimir. From 10 centuries you will get to 11 centuries to the epoch of Yaroslav Mudrogo – the Sofievsky Cathedral (visiting). Not far from it there is the well-known Golden Gate (11 century) which have been completely destroyed in 1240 and later were reconstructed. You will visit Kievo-Pecherskuju Monastery (1051) which was the Christianity centre of the Rus there are a a great number of churches and unique caves with hallows of the sacred.

On high hills of Dnepr with gold domes situated Piously-Uspensky, Kievo-Pecherskaja Laurels — a monkhood cradle in Rus and a stronghold of the orthodox belief, one of the largest monasteries of the world? which is situated in the caves.. Hallows Christian sacred, based in caves, possess salutary properties, and heads of devotees exhale oil. In Lavrsky caves hallows преп are based in , Alimpija, Agapita, Nestora-letopistsa and epic athlete Ili-Muromtsa. Also you can visit in territory of Monastery the Exhibition of microminiatures of Sjadristogo (the grounded present flea, a magnificent rose in the size of 0,05 mm, placed in polished to a transparency inside and outside human hair and etc.) All works are hand maid.

The national museum is located on suburb of region Pirogova and occupies territory of 150 hectare. In a museum presented all historiko-ethnocultural regions of Ukraine . Some buildings and churches concern to XVI-XVII centuries they have been carefully transferred from various regions of Ukraine and established in an environment as much as possible approached to the original.

Andreevsky church, Andreevsky descent (purchase of souvenirs), Bulgakov’s House, «Richard’s Lvinoe Serdce losk», mountain Uzdyhalnitsa, Bald mountain, the Frolovsky monastery, Pokrovsk church, Nikola Dorui and Nikoly Pritiski church, “Samson” fountain, Gostinnyj dvor, the Counterassembly house, Kievo-Mogiljanskaja academy, a monument to Grigiriy Skovoroda, the Greek church, Peter’s Ismall house

The house with Chimeras, National bank, President Administration, the house of the Crying widow, the Gingerbread, Chocolate house, the Klovsky palace, the house of the governor general, the Mariinsky palace, the Devil’s bridge, an arch of Friendship of the people.

Catholic churches (St. Alexander’s Church, St. Nikolay’s Church), Brodsky’s synagogue, a mosque on Lukjanovke, (Kirha St. Ekaterina)

Houses wherelived Lesja Ukrainka, Taras of Shevchenko, Ex, Tychina, a monument of Olesya Goncharu and Gogol. Kiev and Bulgakov, Paustovsky, Pushkin, Ahmatova, Balzac … Bulgakov’s House museum.

You will see alienation zone, visit viewing pavilion of object “Shelter”. Will go the round the territory of atomic power station, stop on a viewing platform of “Sarcophagus” – the betony-steel shelter which have covered radioactive weights and fragments, remained after explosion. You will see personally vegetation round “Sarcophagus” which has escaped after accident («Red wood»). You will have a possibillity to visit the Chernobyl atomic power station – the enterprise where worked more than 5000 persons. You will be near to the most secret object of a zone – the 4th reactor and walk round the city which wii forever belong to Soviet Union – city-phantom Pripyat where lived 47.500 citizens. People have left this city before May, 1st in 1986г. Till now here it is possible to meet May Day headers, apartments with furniture and things, the motor vehicles, open shops … Visiting of a burial ground of a sediment of the infected military technology which is taking part in liquidation of accident, cars, helicopters, armour vehicles …)

The farm is in a picturesque place, in 30 kilometres from Kiev . The territory is bordered with a stream with ponds. The farm occupies the space of 18 hectares. You can see families of adult ostriches, the one-year-old birds who were born on a farm, ostriches in the age from one day to three months, ostrich eggs, a skin, feathers. After excursion children can drive on horses and communicate directly wtth animals ( lambs, pheasants, ducks etc.) in minizoo or to play on a playground.After advanced orders you can taste dishes from eggs and meat of an ostrich.

Park “Sofievka” National academy of sciences of Ukraine which is widely known far abroad as one of the most outstanding creations of world landscape gardening art of the end of XVIII – first half XIX century and stands in one line with such masterpieces of park building in Europe, as a garden of Balbi in Florence, park the Dignity-susi in Potsdam and palace park in Versailles. This picturesque district is called the fantastic country – because of all unusually, poetically and perfectly. Here you will find the English garden where are collected a rich collection of plants from every corner of the world, cascades of lakes and falls. You will be fascinated by surprising landscapes of the park, numerous fountains, artificial grottoes and refined antique sculptures.

According to your wish we can organize tour to Odessa on the comfortable bus with stopping in the (Sofievskiy park) or on the train. Tour can be arranged on the different number of tourists and days, include a lot of excursions in Odessa, visiting aquapark, dolphinnarium and a lots of interesting places.