Conference organization

We have wide experience in the organization of conferences, business seminars and trainings in Kiev. We shall incur care of rent of a hall of the necessary sizes, to rent necessary equipment for carrying out conferences, organization of coffee brakes, meeting of your participants, deliveries and their accommodations in hotels, hotels, boarding houses or bases of rest, to complex transport service, the organization of the business, excursion and cultural program in our city.

As it is not necessary to you cares of catering services and leisure for your dear (expensive) participants.

Carrying out of conference – it is uneasy task. It is necessary not only pick up a conference hall meeting your requirements, but also to create an atmosphere corresponding spirit of action, individual for each concrete case and as to think over and consider a plenty of the organizational moments, such as Drawing up of the menu for coffee-breaks and dinners, adjustment of additional equipment, and very many other things. It demands many forces and time, therefore we recommend the clients to address to us, as to skilled professionals having long-term experience in organization of conferences, reservation of rooms, transfers e.t.c.

Our experts will help you to lead seminars, the congresses and other business actions at the highest level. If your conference will be visited by foreign visitors, we shall help them to reserve hotel, organized transfer, excursions. We can do all this things as skilled professionals having long-term experience in this field of activity.