King Air 350


BeechcraftKingAir 350 isconsideredtobethemostpopularaircraftwithturbopropengines. It is the biggest and the most capacious airplane in this family, which however has retained the economic and operational efficiency of smaller models. This multipurpose apparatus can be used for passenger — up to 9 seats — and cargo transportations. A noteworthy specialty of this airplane is that its landing and takeoff weights are completely equal, which is a rather valuable feature for short distance flights.

The state-of-the-art noise reduction system sufficiently increases the safety and comfort of the flight, and due to this system the aircraft is the quietest one in its class. There are two main operational displays in the flight deck and one multifunctional display in the middle. The aircraft is also equipped with the airborne collision avoidance system, vertical separation system and so on. It should also be mentioned that King Air 350 is rather easy to fly and has another important feature for its owner – the aircraft can be flown by a single pilot.

Scheme of the aircraft

Cruising range – 3763 km
Cruising speed – 558 km/h
Number of passengers – 8
Cabin height, length, width – 1.45 × 6 × 1.37 (m)