Volvo S80

$ 25 – price car rental in Kiev for an hour

$ 0.90 – per 1 km outside Kiev

$ 75 – Transfer

Year: 2004
Color: Dark blue
Engine capacity: 2.4
Power (hp): 231
Transmission: Automatic
Body Type: Sedan
Fuel consumption (l/100 km): 9.6
Fuel tank capacity (liters): 70

-Salon Skin
-Climate control
-Cruise control
-Full power
-Board computer
-Fog lights
– Antitheft system
-Air suspension

A representative of business-class, Volvo S80, debuted in 1998. It surpassed all the predecessors and took a strong position in the premium class. The luxurious design, easy control and intelligent security make it a perfect masterpiece of automotive engineering. As expected from the auto of business class, under the hood of Volvo S80 beats a powerful heart. Increased body rigidity and a stable suspension allows Volvo S 80 to be predictable and confident in any situation.