Construction of exhibition and shopping complex products of leading countries of Asian region. Ukraine, Kiev

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Industrial complex (shops for vegetable store, stock-raising complex, storehouses, brick factory)

1) Khmelnitsky region, Ivanyvka village – USD 400000
Efficiency: 36%
Term of payback: 3 years
Performance capacity: 80-90%
Industrial complex area: 4032 m2
Land lot area: 5 hectares

2) Khmelnitsky region, Veluky Kalenychy village USD 450000
Efficiency: 40%
Term of payback: 2.5 years
Performance capacity: 70-80%
Industrial complex area: 4000 m2
Land lot area: 5 hectares

3) Ternopil region, Oryshkivtsy village – USD 800000
Efficiency: 42%
Term of payback: 2.5 years
Industrial complex area: 7872 m2
Land lot area: 8.81 hectares
Performance capacity: 85%

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Construction and work management of a milk cash farm for 2400 head of cattle

43177340 USD


According to the project, it is planned to build a highly efficient milk farm, supplied with new hi-tech equipment, which meets present-day world milk production standards. Yearly milk production volume will amount to 9000 kg of milk per one milker. In the project it is planned to provide own milk cattle reproduction, by the means of heifers growing.

Profitability Index – 21%


1. Land is found, for construction and project implementation purposes (more than 7000 hectares).

2. At the moment milk farm complex construction is being designed, crop rotation tables are being developed, detailed financial plan with an account of all possible risks for the next 10 years is being computed.

Payback period:

Simple project payback period – 4,1 years

Discounted project payback period – 5,6 years

In house investment share – 2 500 000$ USD

Demand for milk in Ukraine is quite high. Prices are constantly growing; processing companies are in a non-stop search for production materials. Production wastelessness is another important factor which makes reprocessing of manure to biogas, ecologically clean plant growing fertilizers also possible.

Construction of meat-processing plant (slaughter and sausage shops)

25400000 USD

Profitability index – 20-30%

As of November 1st, 2010 project sales reach above $2,1 billion. Preproject works were finished; ground area of6,65 hectares was allotted; building project was completed; all the necessary permission documents were granted (including the building permit); fundamental work and reinforced concrete framing were finished; complex of reclamation and drainage works was carried out; construction of wet holes was finished.

Construction project readiness – 12%.

Payback period – 4 to 5 years

In house investment share – 10% (total in house investment share will be raised up to 20%)

Additional project information:

For project implementation purposes in the “UPG” companies’ group network, “INDYK PRODUCT”, Co Ltd was created. Maximum slaughter productive capacity comes to 24,000 tons of finished product per year. Sausage production volume comes to 9,500 tons/year. Full facility loading will ensure the production to the sum under 500 billion grivnas.  (62,5 bln grn).

Project peculiarities:

– Complete provision with own raw materials – that is turkey meat;

– Lack of modern output of turkey products enterprises in Ukraine; domestic market provision of new meat product sorts;

– Possibility of product section export, first of all of turkey fillet;

– Turnaround completion: own turkeys’ rearing, slaughter and profound turkey meat processing.

Meat cattle-breeding

8000000 USD

“Bilshovyk” Public corp.

Project aim is to start a business operating on the closed cycle basis; an effectively functioning vertically integrated agro-industrial enterprise, specializing on marketable stock-raising and meat processing.

The process starts with cattle raising, slaughter, boning, finished product production, packing, storing, transportation and ends with selling.

Profitability rate – 60%

Availability – 50%

Payback period – 3 years

In house investment share – 50%

The product is mainly intended for regional market, and later on – domestic. Regional distribution network is presented with Amstor, BUM, Objora, Ukraina, Sokol, Alpha-Market; the domestic one – with Ashan, Metro, Caravan, Furshet, ECO-Market, Silpo, Maxi.

Production volume: it is planned to produce 10 tons of meat products per shift.

Price per product unit: average retail product unit price is 45 grn/kg

Sale target: enter into direct contracts with major Ukrainian distribution networks, hold the leading ground in the segment of average and upper prices at the expense of invariably high quality. Dealer network development. Opening of own branches across Ukraine.